Nov 6, 2007

Posh Frocks [Feedback version]

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Posh Frocks

It’s the State opening of Parliament today and I was invited to the House of Lords for lunch.

I was both bedazzled and bemused by the dresses and tiaras. Most of the women I know don’t get married in dresses as posh as some of those worn by the peers’ wives!

It was drinks first in Lord Strathclyde’s office, then with the Lords Chief Whip, and then lunch.

It’s all so much more genteel over there.

It’s all about speeches today, however, none will top the stonking speech made by David Cameron.

Every day Gordon Brown looks further diminished and less of the statesman he did the previous day. There will be nothing left soon!

My intern Stephanie went into the Stranger’s Gallery to watch the debate.

She has just gushed back into the office in her All-American way talking about how she bumped into David on his way to the Chamber.

Steph wasn’t looking and was delving into her purse, David was shuffling his papers, and the near collision occurred.

Profuse apologies followed and a near faint on the part of Stephanie, who hasn’t shut up about a thirty second encounter for the last hour. God help me and save me from impressionable star struck interns!

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baw said...

"My intern Stephanie went into the Stranger’s Gallery to watch the debate."

perhaps if she is at a loose end she could be just the woman to moderate your "blog" comments