May 17, 2011

VIDEO: Teens, Sex and Nadine Dorries

A great result. Time well spent, this. A video that unravels Nadine's abstinence nonsense, then gives the values behind it a kicking for good measure. Plus, those upset by the stupidity of what Nadine Dorries said on the Vanessa show about victims of sexual abuse (on the basis of "evidence I've heard") will probably appreciate the cathartic effect of bitter, knowing chortles.

Teens, Sex and Nadine Dorries by NorthVox

UPDATE - A relevant article for you:

Reni Eddo-Lodge - Nadine Dorries's dangerous message: Why is the abstinence-for-girls MP invited to incite moral panic about children on daytime television?

May 8, 2011

Sex Education For Girls

You'll have seen reports of Nadine Dorries' Ten Minute Rule speech in Parliament on Wednesday. If you haven't read the full text of her speech (and the far more reasonable response by Chris Bryant) then I recommend that you do so now. You might also like to check how (or, more likely, whether) your MP voted on the subject.

Dorries herself has published four blog posts about the debate. It's interesting (if not particularly enlightening) to read what she says:
There is a lot of coverage by the mainstream media:

And, as you would expect, there are a large number of bloggers commenting on  the issue:

There are many more, of course. I'll add more links to good blog posts as I find them. There are also a couple of stories about this in the current edition of the Pod Delusion.

Nadine Dorries lashes out at Camilla Long


"Camilla Long, who was absolutely lovely asked the (many) questions.. Actually, she was so lovely, I found myself thinking that I would be very proud if she were one of my girls" - Nadine Dorries

Today (well, very late last night, if we're to be accurate):

"It appears that Camilla Long, Sunday Times journalist, must have a few bats in her own tiny little belfry. Probably there to keep her cats company." - Nadine Dorries

If you read the relevant piece by Camilla Long (it appears in full as a scan below, from today's Sunday Times), you will note that Dorries' accusation that this journalist lied about one single aspect does very little to excuse what it reveals, even if there is any truth to her accusation (which I doubt, given her history):

Click for large, legible version

Also, if you take a look at the closing paragraph, you will see that Dorries warned Long that this is exactly what she would do if she did not write a positive piece:

Classic Dorries. I pointed out that she was exactly like this almost exactly one year ago.

For more background on what she proposes we teach young girls about sex, see this round-up of reactions.

As usual, Dorries pretends that any negative reaction comes from "Trots and the socialist elite", but she has been described as a "sexist dinosaur" in today's Mail.