Nov 20, 2007

Back with Feedback

Nadine Dorries: Feedback was down for about a week due to computer problems, that unit's eventual repair and then replacement, plus interference from 'supporters' of Nadine Dorries, some of whom then decided it would be a constructive to create an anonymous website containing just the kind of venomous, personal attacks that Nadine Dorries (eventually) claimed to be the victim of.

While the interim feedback facility was out of action, Nadine was quite chatty on her blog, and the following is a run-down of what has been missed:

Nov 10 - I need a wife!: Nadine blogs on the challenges of balancing wild parties and solemn ceremonies with shopping, laundry, the dishes, the floors and walking the dogs. She closes by saying "I need a wife....."

Nov 12 - Mid Beds Annual Dinner: Nadine posts a photo of herself, her daughters and other guests with John Major at a party. She informs us that her intern Stephanie responded to the toast "My Lords ladies and gentleman – the Queen" by saying; "Omigod, is she here, where?"

Nov 13 - Friday night pre dinner drinks and prep!: Nadine posts a photo of herself, her daughters and other guests from *before* that same party. Sitting on a bed and drinking champagne.

Nov 14 - Rocket Science?: Nadine announces that she is now a member of the Innovation University and Skills Select Committee. While never experiencing university herself, she feels confident that "(we need) fewer universities, not more and that half of the courses on offer should be scrapped." She presents as evidence an invitation for us to "walk around any halls of residence at the moment and spot the unhappy students."

Nov 15 - Posh Nosh: Nadine dashes from an audio interview to a posh lunch.

Nov 16 - Posh Nosh Part 2....: Nadine tells us of a potato-in-cleavage moment involving Andrew Rawnsley of the Observer and The Sunday Edition and a woman with "generous assets". She closes by promising some background to ITV's decision to axe the Sunday Edition. Ahhh, sweet discretion....

And that, minus one extraordinary outburst that demands its own mirror, brings us up to date and back online. Prepare to speak your brains.

1 comment:

Rattitude said...

Dear Nadine Dorries

All becomes clear in the university blog. I think it could be summed up as.

1) Ignorance of a subject is held up as a basis for havign an expert opinion on it.

2) We need more plumbers and less thinkers

3) Thinking makes kids unhappy and so should be discouraged.

"Walk around any halls of residence at the moment and spot the unhappy students"

This is just utter bollocks. Teens and early 20's types running to class the morning after a party probably look a bit glum. Trying asking them or any university graduate if they would rather have gone to the tech to learn about toilets and sump pumps, I dare you.

Is this a satire or a dead pan argument that ignorance is indeed bliss?