Nov 6, 2007

Nadine Dorries uses comments to challenge article about her refusal to allow comments

No, it's not irony... it's *hypocrisy*.

Nadine Dorries says: The fact is I was getting hundreds of comments. Many, as a result of what I have been doing with regard to abortion, some of which were absolutely vile.

Ah, the 'secret evidence' ploy, mixed with a heady dose of alleged vitriol. I did tell you that she'd learned a lot from Iain Dale.

And, happily, it allows Nadine to refuse all comments (valid or otherwise).

Nadine also seeks to assure us that she may reinstate comments "when... work regarding abortion takes a slower pace."

In other words, when the fuss has died down over the false claims she made before bravely running away.

[Psst! If you're wondering why Ellee suddenly becomes a lot more generous toward Nadine during the comment exchange, it's probably because my presence reminded her of this minor event. Despite this past failing, Ellee deserves the usual courtesies, so please don't all go piling into her comments just because it's a rare opportunity to engage with Nadine Dorries.]

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