Nov 8, 2007

Bug Stops Blogging [Feedback version]

Bug Stops Blogging was posted by one of Nadine Dorries' assitants on Thursday, 8 November 2007 at 15:00

Readers of this website are invited to comment on this entry here, as they are not permitted to do so at Nadine Dorries' half-a-blog.

Bug Stops Blogging

Unfortunately, Nadine is ill today due to a nasty bug and regrets that she will not be blogging.

(The Office of Nadine Dorries MP)

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Tim said...

Again, to keep the content clean in 'mirror' post such as this, I am putting my personal comments here:

Be. Nice.

Nadine is already claiming to be the recipient of hateful emails/comments and even if this isn't true, you wouldn't want to play into her hands, now would you?