Dec 2, 2009

Perhaps you'd like to be part of The Nadine Dorries Project

I started this space the first time Nadine Dorries turned off comments on her 'blog' (i.e. after she lashed out at Dr Ben Goldacre) then allowed it to fall into a state of neglect, despite there being several personal attacks to document and a further period of comment closure (after she made some regrettable admissions about expenses then lashed out at the Barclay Brothers).

But looking now, I see the site has quietly crept into the top 10 for searches for 'Nadine Dorries' (it's currently 7th in Google UK), and it would therefore seem an ideal place to once again host the many discussions that Nadine Dorries seeks to avoid (by refusing to publish negative/contradictory comments, closing down comments altogether, blocking anyone who dares to disagree with her on Twitter, etc. etc.)

The simplest approach would be mirroring her posts (or linking to the originals with minimal/no editorial) and allowing open (yet moderated) conversation here, but I think perhaps the space could also be used to document and discuss her Twitter outbursts (e.g. when she lashed out at Kerry McCarthy last night).

I'm open to ideas and will especially welcome input from potential volunteers*. The project would at least need a resident groundskeeper, who would be charged with keeping the comments honest (and on topic).

Over to you.


(*Be warned that you will most likely be labelled a 'stalker' for your troubles.)


Anonymous said...

"...input from potential volunteers"
*Raises hand*

Sim-O said...

*puts up hand*

(I'm not normally one for saying what the word verification word is, but this one is 'reject'.)

Jimmy said...

"The simplest approach would be mirroring her posts "

Actually the simplest approach is using sidewiki. A much underappreciated tool in my view.

Sim-O said...

Sidewiki is a very useful tool but you need to be able to add it to your browser and most company PCs are locked down prohibiting it.

Dave Cross said...

Nadine has given me endless hours of entertain. It only seems fair to give her something in return. Let me know what I can do to help.