Dec 17, 2009

We're already kicking arse in Google (and Yahoo)

Google loves new data, and a fresh post on a blog often enjoys (and/or contributes to) a temporary boost in search results.

With that in mind, this is just a quick note to say that this site was left coasting unmanned* for over a year before winding up at 7th place for searches for 'nadine dorries', and only three fresh posts later it has just outperformed Nadine's Wikipedia entry for the first time, appearing in 3rd place this afternoon:

Yahoo has yet to see the new version, but we already place 4th in that search engine for Nadine's name:

Now, this placement is not permanent/established and is not visible in all search databases (we appear to bounce between 3rd and 4th place in most variations of Google today) but it's an important landmark, especially now that this site is powered by not one but four contributors: me, Dave, JDC and Sim-O.

In short, this site is now a shared editorial space, and can by used by any of us at any time to make a note of Nadine's latest outrageous claim or shameless attack.

Plus, unlike 'blogger' Nadine, we will (gasp!) allow you to COMMENT** on any of it.

The higher we place for searches for Nadine's name (and other queries relating to her and/or her latest nonsense), the more useful and relevant this exercise becomes.

If you would like to be part of The Nadine Dorries Project and help us maintain a highly visible counter-measure to the many lies and delusions of one of our most self-centred MPs, simply join us for a chat under comments, and maybe link to us from your website/weblog.

Cheers all.


(*Not much of an obsession, is it?)

(**Comment Moderation Policy: There is a low tolerance for needless abuse and off-topic comments, and zero tolerance for outright libel and sock-puppetry. You must be a registered user of Google/OpenID/etc. to comment.)

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