Dec 3, 2007

Attack of the foot-in-mouth woman

Since the inception of this weblog, none of Nadine's supporters have dropped by to comment. That's to be expected, even if they exist (see #1 below) but none of the personal abuse she claims to have received has emerged either. In fact, the only example of this that's appeared so far was published on an anonymous weblog by one of her 'supporters' and - amazingly - was directed at Nadine Dorries in order to make her claim to victim status more credible.

1. I don't think it's unfair to surmise that - like many of the newer Tory bloggers pretend-bloggers - Nadine Dorries has been:

a) writing positive comments on her own weblog

b) classifying negative comments as personal abuse (in order to justify their deletion)

c) inventing personal abuse and/or making false claims of personal abuse in order to support her case

d) all of the above

2. It has also become clear that:

a) while claiming to be the victim of personal attacks, Nadine Dorries has cut loose with some rather extraordinary attacks herself

b) while being swift to demand apologies from others, Nadine Dorries refuses to apologise herself, even when she is clearly in the wrong

- Nadine Dorries falsely accusing Ben Goldacre of involvement in a "serious breach of parliamentary procedure"

- Nadine Dorries suggesting none-too-subtly that Alex Hilton* might be a paedophile

(*What Recess Monkey did was wrong, but it would now appear that he was set up... probably by the same people who were at the time also publishing the personal attacks that I mention above.)

3. I've also noticed that - during those times when I'm too busy to mirror her output and open it up to comment - Nadine suddenly becomes more vocal on her own 'weblog'.

So the purpose and function of this weblog will now change.

This weblog will no longer mirror Nadine Dorries' output and invite comment.

It will instead document those instances where Nadine lashes out with baseless/malicious accusations and petty/personal abuse.


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Time for an update with the new campaign and the incorrectly discribe photo?