Jan 7, 2011

In which Nadine Dorries calls for "accuracy" and posts personal information on her blog

Nadine Dorries has today posted a 'blog' entry in which she expresses concern "that any story is reported accurately". I personally think accuracy is important and this is just one reason why I write about Nadine Dorries. Nadine's claim to be concerned about accuracy was a little surprising to me, given her previous admissions regarding the veracity of the information posted on her blog.

In her latest post, Dorries has published press statements from herself, from the man she is currently having a romantic relationship with, and from this man's daughter. These press statements include information that I would consider to be private and will not repeat here. Dorries, though, apparently thinks that it is acceptable to publish this information on her blog. This is not the first time I have disagreed with Dorries and I doubt it will be the last.

Edit, 8th January 12:44pm

The CRITique blog has two posts up about Dorries publishing this information on her blog. Here, the author states that "the publication of a third party’s medical condition, if it is without explicit consent, is unlawful" and in this post, they look at the possible consequences.


Sim-O said...

There's certainly info in the statements that go too far for them to reveal.

The statements are less about Dorries and her new partner and very much about the third party.

Once again, Dorries revealing private information about someone in an inapropriate manner.

Anonymous said...

I must point out that Nadine's statement did not "out" Mrs Butler's condition, her own husband and daughter did that.

Quite why they felt the need to do and to include unsubstantiated allegations against her is a matter of interest and smacks of the smearing we have seen in the past.

Publishing the statements in full on her blog was surprising, especially as there was a STRONG possiblity that owing to the libellous content, the MSM would not publish them. Putting them on the blog *ensured* that they could be used without MSM fear of legal action.

Also note that Lynn Elson is still working on behalf of Nadine.