Oct 22, 2010

Nadine Dorries tells lies about why she told lies

There are a lot of things about Nadine Dorries that are very interesting and not widely known outside of the local political media/blogging/Twitter crowd, but right now the two most important things you need to know about the Conservative MP for Mid Bedfordshire are as follows:

Nadine Dorries explained inconsistencies in her account to the relevant expenses authorities by saying that 70%* of what she blogged was fiction, while also telling them that they should not take the word of a liar.

Coming under unexpected (!) criticism for lying to her constituents about the amount of time she spent in the constituency, she then claimed that she only lied to her constituents in order to throw four unnamed stalkers off the scent, but it is easily established that this, too, is a lie.

(Dorries' claim that she actually meant that 'only' 30% of what she wrote was fiction is so pathetic it's hardly worth more than a guffaw, but if you'd care to read even just the tail end of the report (PDF), it's clear she had ample opportunity to correct it before now, and saw no need until after there was a fuss... a fuss she clearly wasn't expecting. She thought she'd be able to sail away on 'lalala I lied, so what?' and never return to the point. If you don't know her, I should warn you this is typical.)


*UPDATE (9am) - My apologies. Earlier, I incorrectly stated that Dorries said 75% of what she wrote was fiction. The correct figure is actually 70%. Or perhaps 30%.


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UPDATE - The hole Dorries has dug for herself gets deeper by the day; Richard Bartholomew – The 70 Per Cent Solution: Who Are Nadine Dorries' "Four Stalkers"?


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