Feb 8, 2010

Tower Block of Commons (Ep 2)

You are cordially invited to join the editors, our readers, fellow Dorries-watchers and (potentially) millions of innocent bystanders as we watch Nadine Dorries bravely facing the reality of poverty with nothing more than an armed guard, a television crew, and £50 stuffed in her bra:

Channel 4
9pm, Monday
08 February 2010
Tower Block of Commons
(Episode 2)

If you want to track any chat about the show before, during and after broadcast, just watch out for the #TBOC hashtag in Twitter (and do use it yourself if you plan to chip in).

Will the nation take Nadine to their hearts as they did when Nicholas "Nasty Nick" Bateman passed around little bits of paper with names on them? Or will they buy her story that she planned to use the £50 to play Santa for the kiddies (with Christmas over a fortnight away, when she knew then and knows now that she could've revisited at any time to make the same gesture outside of the 'experiment' and the rules that were clearly explained to her)?

What exactly did Nadine do or say that might warrant this outburst from one of the tower block residents?

What could possibly have driven Nadine to describe the director of this episode as a 'Miss Trunchbull' type and further imply that she was an dishonest and/or incompetent filmmaker who was not respected by her crew?

All this and more may or may not be revealed as 'the media' work their craft and 'the MP' works hers... but together we might just makes some sense of it all.

Comments are welcome under this post, but most of the action will happen via the hashtag #TBOC in Twitter. There's already a bit of light chat going on, but you can expect things to really hot up this evening, especially when Nadine starts reaching for the cash hidden in her underwear.

We'll be presenting a digest of the best relevant tweets here later/tomorrow.

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