Feb 4, 2010

Monkey see, monkey oops

Nadine Dorries was so impressed by Tom Harris switching his Twitter username to 'tomharris4mp' that she rushed right out and copied him, changing hers to 'nadine4mp'...

... without thinking for a moment about what might happen to the old name - NadineDorriesMP - if she didn't bother securing it:


There are literally thousands of links to @NadineDorriesMP on the internets; this is just one of them.

If the person who grabbed it wants to keep that account name, all they have to do is find a suitable satirical application and avoid outright/undue impersonation.

(For the Record: Personally, I'm not a fan of the 'Mad Nad' tag, and I'd much prefer it if this person revealed their name/ID. It's poor form to take on an elected representative anonymously, and you wouldn't want to be sock-puppeting sad sack like Phil Hendren or Harry Cole, now would you?)

[UPDATE - To avoid a hysterical fit or two, I should specify that Harry Cole praised himself and attacked his opponents with fake online identities in a college election, while Phil Hendren merely threw about false accusations of spamming and other forms of professional misconduct while safely anonymous... and though he clearly did this for political reasons, it's not *quite* the same as diddling democracy with it, and Phil swears that he only ever did it that one time he got caught. And we all believe him.]


UPDATE (05 Feb) - Dorries has blundered into Twitter this morning, oblivious to any error on her part, making dark implications about a website outage, and publishing an entirely false allegation that I hijacked her username. If I had done so, I would have declared it immediately. I even tweeted about the event, making it clear I was speaking from outside of the hijack. Hell, I even blogged about it (and you know that, because you're reading an update on that post now). I tweet satire aimed primarily at Dorries using this account, and I do so openly, justifiably, and entirely legally. There is no harassment or identity hijacking or use of false/mutliple names going on, regardless of what Nadine Dorries might (repeatedly) claim or imply.

Dorries can't possibly prove something that isn't true. She will struggle to do anything but cast doubt. However, judging by past form, she will most likely refuse to enagage, stick to her guns and/or quietly brush over the matter, making it appear as if her allegations stand unchallenged. She does this knowing that her accusations/implications are likely to be picked up and used by other people. I'd say I'm totally amazed that she's being so careless/malicious in the current climate, but that would be a lie. It's more a feeling of mild shock, really.

[Psst! Nadine! There's no grand conspiracy or obsession here. I just think that you're a shameless liar. In many cases, I can prove that you've behaved like one. In fact, the only reason I'm in your face is because you repeatedly drop outright (and often malicious) falsehoods and walk away from them. You either know this and don't care, or you're so delusional as to be unfit for office. If you think I have focused on you without justification, then by all means start here and work your way through. I look forward especially to discussing the Hand of Hope.]


UPDATE (05 Feb 4:30pm) - Whoever took control of the username 'nadinedorriesmp' has now abandoned it:

Updates to follow.


scotch said...

I recall when Viz mag was in its heyday and poor imitators came along for the ride.

Sigh. The link on her *blog* still goes to it.

Oh Nadine.

Paul said...

Jesus. They should be forced to take some kind of intelligence test before standing for office.

Tim said...

I would seriously like to know if anyone can think of a serving MP who is anywhere near this dumb and dishonest.