Nov 21, 2011

The full November 2010 'report' from Nadine Dorries to Bedfordshire Police

Oooh, you lucky blighters... because of an unexpected workload here in SEO-world, you get this entire document all at once.

This is a partly-redacted copy of a '4 page report' that Nadine Dorries sent to Bedfordshire Police in November 2010. As I explain in this post about the July 2010 letter to Bedfordshire Police, Dorries submitted this report at a time when she was desperate to support her lies about an investigation that she claimed was already in progress. It is also clear in sections of this letter that she is not deeply, deeply confused but is instead lying through her teeth.

If I'd lied to police, I would've been up before a judge. Not so Dorries, who even lied about the outcome of the investigation that resulted from her lying to police. I must admit that I'm left feeling a little bit disappointed by that.

Click below to download Pages 1-2 and Page 3-4, and read the full analysis and response here.

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Claire said...

Would it not be a massive service to the British people if we could get 100k on a downing st. petition calling for her removal on the grounds referred to in the strap-line of this blog?