Nov 17, 2011

The full July 2010 letter from Nadine Dorries to Bedfordshire Police

Below is a copy of the letter Nadine Dorries wrote to the Chief Constable of Bedfordshire Police on 12 July 2010, accusing four people (including me) of stalking her.

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This letter prompted no action from Bedfordshire Police.

From May 2010 onwards - two months before she wrote this letter - Nadine Dorries claimed there was already an investigation in progress into at least one of her stalkers.

In October 2010 she expanded on this story and used it as an excuse for crucial factual discrepancies on her blog; she claimed that police not only recognised the stalking threat she described, but had given this MP specific advice to lie on her blog about where she was and what she was doing (more).

By the end of October, Dorries was under a lot of pressure to provide the reference numbers that would exist if anything she has said was anywhere near the truth. In a few short months her lies had snowballed to the extent that she was describing police being aware of a widespread, long-standing and ongoing problem of physical stalking when two of her alleged stalkers had only ever been in her presence once at a public event, and a third had only been in her presence more often because she was a legitimate party-sponsored candidate opposing her in an election! The fourth had never been anywhere near her, but that didn't stop Dorries from repeatedly claiming that he had been hanging around her house, despite an earlier acknowledgement that she had no evidence to support this.

On Friday 29 October 2010, Nadine Dorries finally promised to provide dates of complaints and relevant reference numbers, claiming an investigation followed one of many complaints involving four different stalkers (more). This letter (below) suggests that there was only the one complaint against those same 'four stalkers'. Dorries extraordinary sense of entitlement appeared to extend to the assumption that police would immediately leap into action when informed than an MP was being criticised.

On Thursday, 4 November 2010 Dorries blogged the following rather telling passage (more):

"You harass me on an almost daily basis... I am expected, even though you aren’t one of my constituents, to take it. I am expected to tolerate your inappropriate level of intense attention..."

It is fair to assume that she had been in touch with police by this time and been given the bad news that no action had followed her letter. It was probably (patiently) explained to her that what she described was not stalking, and not even harassment.

It is almost certain that at this juncture police offered to respond to any further evidence she could offer. And on 5 November 2010, Dorries police sent a 4-page report containing 'new' 'evidence'. I start publishing that document in segments on my main site from Monday. See you then.


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