Nov 5, 2007

Nadine Dorries seeks stalker with GSOH

Well, Nadine's had the weekend to think about it and - as noted in comments here - she clearly intends to continue 'blogging' without comments... and to be less than honest about the reasons why. She even goes so far as to play the 'stalker' card.

And there's more on that front... but you'll have to watch and wait for it (like any good stalker should).

Here's the first of Nadine's posts to be featured on this new blog that allows comments because hers doesn't:

Nadine Dorries - Mr Darcy: I was woken yesterday morning at an ungodly hour with a text message from a fellow MP. It read ' there's a picture of you in the Sunday Telegraph, the size of a North Korean dictator.' I rolled over and tried to get back to sleep, I feigned noncholance and indifference - it didn't work. I was at the Post Office within three minutes. The size of the photo was a shock and frankly, a North Korean dictator would have looked so much more attractive and appealing. The article was well written though and I did find the Bridget Jones comparison funny - not as funny or indeed as childish as some of my colleagues, according to the text messages I had to endure yesterday ( hysterical gentlemen, thank you.)..... But funny nontheless. If I am the Westminster parallel to Bridget, does this mean a Mr Darcy is on the horizon? If Mr Darcy only has the photograph from the Sunday Telegraph by which to find me he wil be looking for a female MP who resembles a zombie with lank hair, glazed eyes, a grey fish face and an oversized hand growing out of her ear.

The Sunday Telegraph article can be found here.

Feel free to comment on any of the above, or the following message to Frank Branston that Nadine also includes in her latest post; I have a message for Bedford Mayor Frank Branston. There really is no need for you to drive to Woburn, seek out a local resident (ex-employee of yours and a new friend to me) pretend you're in Woburn because you have an appointment with me and ask him to show you which house is mine!!! Let me know when you're coming, I'll put the kettle on, bake a cake and give you a guided tour!

Well, Nadine certainly does appear to have a genuine stalker problem... but it's heartening to see that she's so hungry for companionship that she'll invite them into her house. For cake.


Emily Patterson-Kane said...

"I started blogging because I believe my constituents, who pay me, have a right to know what I get up to in Westminster."

But she does not apparently care what they might have to say about it, unless it would fall under the category of cheerleading.

Every good professional should only embark on an activity they have the skills, inclination and capacity to follow through.

About David said...

My name is David Reeves, the Labour Party Spokesman for Mid Bedfordshire. I have just started a blog at

I welcome and encourage all comments, unlike Nadine.



Steve Rolles said...

so you have time to pen this self obsessed twaddle, but not to discuss so called 'politics' with your constutuents on your 'blog'

ian said...

Even the Enoch Powell supporting tory Nigel Hastilow allows comments of all shades of opinion on his blog. What is nadine so afraid of?

Tim said...

David: Who's a cheeky boy, then?

JR said...

From now on I'm going to stick to photographing north korean dictators!