Jun 13, 2012

Blocked by Nadine Dorries on Twitter? No problem.

Hello, readers. Sorry I've been away, but there's been a thing. Given my track record (1, 2), I trust I retain your confidence that a full report of the event will be published as soon as the relevant necessary is done with, and the evidence is ready.


And now, onto my reason for this visit; Nadine Dorries and her latest presence on Twitter.

Nadine has recently taken to attaching herself to the side of angels in the online bullying/defamation debate, but the fact is, she is so dishonest and/or delusional that she treats legitimate criticism as if it is abuse, and even thinks (alleged) libel to be a matter for the police. Further, she engages in bullying and defamation herself using Twitter and other facilities, and I look forward to publishing the detail of that.

The widely-reported manner in which she blocks people makes it quite apparent that she seeks to prevent informed critics from reading her timeline. So, if this sounds like you, and you'd like to keep an eye on what the old fraud is up to, you can now follow a mirror of all of Dorries' tweeted output via @BlockedByNadine

(Psst! The fact that evil baby-murdering humanists could still keep up with her dishonest anti-abortion campaigning got so far up Nadine Dorries' nose that she misled the public its context and purpose with a day, and in the House no less.)

@Steand is to be congratulated for the initiative. Transparency not an offer to be thrown about lightly and then cast aside at for reasons of party/political/personal convenience.

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