Sep 21, 2011

The Nadine Dorries Manifesto

Nadine Dorries had an... interesting outburst today with the usual distortions about harassment and other criminal activity where there is none. She then followed this up with a slight misreading of what was obviously a joke, causing her to express her core aims and beliefs in third-person. This has resulted in a neat Dorries-specific manifesto, which is mirrored below for future reference:

Nadine Dorries wants a referendum on EU membership very soon, to stop right now sending English £s to support failing European economies, to introduce a Bill of Rights, to scrap the Human Rights Act, to lower overall taxation in order to stimulate growth, to cut harder and faster on public services in order to reduce spending, to bring the upper limit at which abortion takes place down to 20 weeks, to remove Local Authority control over education, to free the NHS from Whitehall and to open up free market provision within the NHS, to dramatically reduce inward immigration, to embrace our special relationship with the USA, to make prison mean hard work and life to mean life, to increase our defence budget and support our troops, and she belives green taxes are damaging to elderly people who can barely afford to heat their homes. (source)

The less said about yesterday's lashing out at Tim Farron the better, but it should be pointed out that Dorries must have known this man was recently smeared as 'secretly gay' when she wrote this headline, or she should at least have thought better of it after the fact if she actually had to be told about this yesterday. Instead, she has let it stand.

It's as ugly as the claim so foul she pretends it projectile vomits from a mouth other than her own:

Tim (Farron) is playing to the left. The left are strongly pro-abortion and Tim knows this. Some with a stronger faith than Tim may say he’s been blinded by ambition and sold his soul to the devil. I would describe him as a typical Lib Dem. (source)


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Cerisa said...

If she got her way we would be living in a hideous dystopia. Scrap the human rights act? She's an unpleasant, ridiculous person.