May 8, 2011

Sex Education For Girls

You'll have seen reports of Nadine Dorries' Ten Minute Rule speech in Parliament on Wednesday. If you haven't read the full text of her speech (and the far more reasonable response by Chris Bryant) then I recommend that you do so now. You might also like to check how (or, more likely, whether) your MP voted on the subject.

Dorries herself has published four blog posts about the debate. It's interesting (if not particularly enlightening) to read what she says:
There is a lot of coverage by the mainstream media:

And, as you would expect, there are a large number of bloggers commenting on  the issue:

There are many more, of course. I'll add more links to good blog posts as I find them. There are also a couple of stories about this in the current edition of the Pod Delusion.


punkscience said...

I loved Hangbitch's post on the issue. You should link to that too.

Brook said...

I am CEO of young people's sexual health charity Brook. I have also blogged on this absurd initiative at