Aug 27, 2010

every possible permutation

Nadine Dorries...

I would consider Tweeting again, just for this cause [first past the post], however, a certain blogger has apparently taken every possible permutation of my name you can imagine.

As of the time of writing, there is free, which is suitable and not obscure...
  • ndorriesmp

  • n_dorries_mp

  • nadinedmp

  • nadine _d_mp

  • torynadinemp

  • _nadinedorries_

That's just the ones that I thought up in less than fifteen seconds.

How anyone can make an assertion about one person taking *every* conceivable way of presenting the name 'nadine dorries' is beyond me. There are three people that I have knowledge of or suspect of having a spoof Dorries account, so how she can make the claim, with a handy get out, that one person has all of them is beyond me.

It also seems the danger from 'a certain blogger' has now passed and the excuse for not Twittering is lack of username.


Ms Humphrey Cushion said...

Also available : madnads , nadsofnarnia, fiftyquidnads, nadine4queen.

Why not go back to her pre-election name? Trouble with Twitter is that once a name is used, even if the account is deleted or the user name changed, the name does not return to the public domain.

Although a few of the "every possible permutations" of her name name may be "taken".. they are not in use. Silly bint.

Ceeej said...

I think she'll find viletorybint is also free

Ceeej said...

Ooops, some rotten git has just taken it....