Mar 31, 2010

Operation Dump Dorries: check out the NadMobile

What is the point in having a political campaign if you haven't got wheels? The Nadine Dorries Project has the campaign...

The good people of Mid Bedfordshire need to be warned about the party-political (and often all-too-personal) games that Nadine Dorries plays using the power they afford her.

So, along with Dave Cross and Sim-O, I have successfully negotiated 4 weeks off work & family duties, and together we intend to campaign against Nadine Dorries.

...and we also have the wheels. John Prescot has his Battle Bus, Jon McCain had his Straight Talk Express and now we have our Campaign Camper... the NadMobile!

It's a 1991 Fiat Ducato with a Frankia body and it's not bad at all, considering it's buckshee. The chap lending it to us assures me it's been looked after and having looked at it yesterday, I am confident it isn't going to let us down and bring our efforts to an embarassing, shuddering halt.

Do you fancy a tour of the beast?

Ok, so it's not the most handsome of vehicles (sorry Mr Donor), but what do you expect? It's a bloody camper and it's free. The important stuff that is needed for a mobile campaign is all there. It's got whopping big sides for hanging posters off and er, tables and stuff for important paperwork to be on.

It's a five berth so there is plenty of room for 3 grown men who aren't too, *ahem* intimate, to stop together for a few weeks to work together and get some decent sleep in between campaign stops. And it is just for a few weeks, so we can forgive it the 70s looking upholstery.

This is gonna be our media centre. It has a satelite dish, so we can keep track of all the news stations not just terrestrial ones. It has also got wi-fi so we can not only keep everyone updated on our progress via Twitter and blogs, but the connection will be fast enough for us to get a webcam set up on the roof for when we are stopped at our 'special' place.

I love this bit. Look! It's got an awning! How cool is that going to be, sat in the shade on a warm spring day, talking to local people about their soon-not-to-be MP? Or conversely, shelter from the rain while we talk to them. As you can see, it's so simple it only took me a minute to set up, and in all seriousness, that is going to be a big help when we try and talk to people. Judging by the weather at the moment it's still going to be pretty horrible when the election gets started proper and being out of the worst of the weather, I reckon, is gonna give a big boost to the amount of people who stop and speak to us.

The only thing missing is some loudspeakers for shouting at people broadcasting our message to the masses. Tim's sourced a couple of 30w horn type speakers and gubbins (yes, that is a technical term), so once they're wired up, we're ready to go.

While we're sorting that out, why don't you have a think of something for the Peoples Pamphlet. We have enough ideas and material for leaflets but this isn't just about us. It's about you, too.

What do you want to say to the people of Mid Bedfordshire?

UPDATE: April Fools!

No, we don't plan to take 4 weeks away from work/families to hound Nadine Dorries, park a van outside her house and basically stalk her on the campaign trail. That would be just a little bit OTT.

The joke is this is all too close to the fantasy Nadine Dorries and others hold to.

The punchline is that while all the van/stalking crap is fake... The People's Pamphlet is real.

Nadine Dorries: The People's Pamphlet

See you on the flipside of a plain sheet of A4 paper. Cheers all.

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Tim said...

Of course, our donor is more of a loaner, but 'thank you' anyway, Mr Loaner Donor. We won't scratch it. Promise.