Jan 19, 2010

Natural cut off point

Dorries in the Daily Mail...
Last night, Tory MP Nadine Dorries described the plans as ‘preposterous’ and called for Parliament to intervene with new laws setting an upper age limit for IVF.

She said: ‘Once you pass the point of natural conception, that’s when you should stop.

Wow now there’s a statement to get most IFs riled up. I mean I guess for Hopelessly [Mommyinwaitings' husband] that means seeing as he was never actually able to have kids his point of natural conception was never reached and he should never be allowed to have kids. And those women who have unexpectedly early menopause they should not be allowed assistance. In fact what is the point of any ART if you should stop when you pass the point of natural conception. Stupid Cow!

Well put.

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